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Thank you Hancock County for voting YES!

Your passage of the levy ensures that we continue providing needed services for senior citizens in Hancock County!


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50 North’s History and Mission 

For more than half a century, 50 North has helped the older adults of Hancock County and their families navigate some of life’s biggest transitions, including: 

  • Moving from work to retirement by helping people find meaning, purpose, and connections after the paying job or defining role ends; 
  • Moving from good health to chronic conditions by encouraging and supporting people as they address the physical and mental realities of getting older; 
  • Moving from independence to necessary assistance for people to stay comfortably and safely at home. 

Originally Hancock County Senior Citizens, Inc., then Hancock County Agency on Aging, Inc., and now 50 North, our mission has remained the same: to enrich lives and support the independence of our community’s older adults. We take  our mission seriously and work hard to do just that in five key ways: 

  • Activities—Lifelong learning through interesting classes, opportunities to socialize, and travel
  • Chore—Home repair and maintenance, mobility assistance, and seasonal outside services
  • Nutrition—On-site lunch service, mobile meals, curbside café, and grocery delivery 
  • Outreach—Advocate, refer, and assist older adults and the people who care about them  
  • Wellness - Health and fitness programming and opportunities geared toward older adults

In 2014, 50 North Board and Staff began planning for an expansion and renovation of its facilities in response to the growing demand for services and a growing need for space. A capital campaign to raise money for the project was launched in  2019 and ground was broken for the expansion and renovation in March 2020, just as Governor DeWine shut down most of Ohio in response to an emerging COVID-19 crisis. With lead gifts already secured and planning complete, the capital project went forward in spite of the health crisis. 

Today, the building is complete, and now is the time to assure 50 North’s future is on course. Hancock County’s Senior Services Levy makes 50 North possible. Without consistent taxpayer support since 2006, we could not provide the level of service to Hancock County seniors and their families that we do. 

Why vote to renew the Hancock County Senior Services Levy? 

The Need has never been greater. Through 2030, around 25% of Hancock County residents will be age 60 and older and  36% of Hancock County residents will be age 50 and older. 

  • Ohio is the seventh most populous state and the population is shifting older. 
  • Hancock County’s population trend aligns with the trend in Ohio. Currently the 34th largest county of 88 in Ohio.
  • Our services have increased 77% since our last levy.
  • Our average daily attendance has grown 76% since our last levy.
  • Our number of members has grown 57% since our last levy. 

The services we provide are affordable for all. 50 North provides seniors with services and supports at a cost (or no cost) that is manageable for them. There is no charge to be a member of 50 North.

  • There is a sliding scale fee for food, activities requiring supplies, chore and housekeeping services, and for use of the Wellness Center. 
  • Scholarships are available to assist those who cannot afford the fees charged for various services and activities. 

The Senior Services Levy assessed in Hancock County is reasonable in the State of Ohio and essential to the continued work of 50 North. In 2019 (pre-COVID), the Senior Services Levy covered 66% of the operating budget of 50 North. The remainder of the operating budget was paid for by program service fees (33%), donations (2%), and miscellaneous other income (1%). Without the generosity of Hancock County’s taxpayers, 50 North could not have continued to provide the services and support to seniors that it did.  

Private philanthropic support and grant money from the State of Ohio will pay for most of the recent expansion of 50  North. Caring and conscientious local citizens and businesses have privately supported (82% funded by private donations) recent expansion to the local facility for seniors. No taxpayer dollars were used to pay for the expansion. The building 50 North owns was built in 1992. All of the renovations done to the building were paid for by the Senior Services Levy.  

50 North leverages local tax dollars through strategic collaborations with community partners. 50 North strives to provide the best services and supports to local seniors by partnering with other local experts and service providers to supplement the services and opportunities we make available. For the benefit of our seniors, we work with organizations like Awakening Minds Art, Blanchard Valley Health System, Family Resource Center, Hancock County  Probate Court, Hancock Historical Museum, Hancock Public Health, HATS, Marathon Center for the Performing Arts, Owens Community College, The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation, United Way of Hancock County,  University of Findlay, and the YMCA. By helping Hancock County seniors access the significant services of other local nonprofit organizations, 50 North minimizes its operating costs, while maximizing the help available to seniors. By controlling operating costs, we are being good stewards of every tax dollar given to us and are able to request a renewal levy only at this time.  

Passage of the Senior Services Levy Renewal supports happier, healthier seniors and their families who help to care for them. We already have first-in-class services for seniors and first-in-class facilities in which to provide those services. Now we need a renewal of the Senior Services Levy to sustain those services -- it is part of the fabric of Hancock County, Ohio, and our efforts to provide a good quality of life for all of our residents.  

If you would like more information, please call Carolyn Copus at 419.423.9496 or ccopus@50north.org






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