September 26, 2020

Expansion Construction Update

Expansion Construction Update

50 North committed to the construction and renovation work long before COVID-19.

Expansion of the building started back in March. The renovation of the East side of the existing building was to begin later this year or early in 2021. 

Due to the unforeseen mandate of closing 50 North because of COVID-19 on March 12, 2020, the 50 North Board of Trustees made the decision to make the most of the required shutdown and fast track the renovation schedule.  The decision to move forward on the East side renovation now was mainly to limit the disruption to our members.  

Our members have been asking our staff, “What is going on with construction at 50 North?”

Here is an update:

East Side Renovation

  • The east side renovation has been completed and we received the occupancy permit from Wood County about a month ago. We still have some small items that will be completed with the basement renovation which is scheduled to begin in January of 2021. The first floor renovation included drywall repair, painting, new ceiling grid and tile, heating and A/C upgrades, electrical, plumbing, and all new carpet. The existing fitness studio on the first floor will remain the fitness studio “as is” until the basement renovation has been completed. Then that area will be refreshed and used as a game room.

West Side Building Addition 

  • All of the interior walls have been completed, the drywall is being installed and finishing has begun. Windows and exterior doors are being installed and the brick mason is moving along behind them as scheduled. The roof has been insulated and the weatherproofing has been installed ready for the steel roof panels.  The installation of piping for the sprinkler system and the HVAC is underway.

East Side Building Addition 

  • All the concrete walls and the masonry walls for the basement and first floor have been completed. The steel roof trusses are scheduled to for delivery next week and installation of the trusses and roof will follow.  The steel studs have been framed up in the basement and sprinkler system is getting installed.

Parking lot

  • Most of the new light posts have been installed and final runs for power are underway.
  • The new catch basins on the East side have been installed, downspout tiles completed, ready for the final drain line.
  • The new vault for power has been installed in the ground.

This work is essential to our ability to meet the growing demand for senior services driven by the growing senior population in Hancock County. 




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